Board Meeting of May 14, 2008

Dan Sullivan, Mike Cavalear, Lisa Stoyle, Jen Hardy, Andy Goodman, Dave Carter, Cathi Quigg, Chuck Pulselli, Dave Bostwick, Gary Parker, Ed Dennehy, Bill Mello, Mike Tropeano, Ralph Perrotto, Paul Allen, Fran Squatrito, John Graziano, Bill Tholen, A.J. Valeri, Jim Balkam,

Minutes from April 9, 2008 meeting were reviewed. REPORT ACCEPTED.


A donation of $500 was secured by Ralph Perrotto from the Knights of Columbus for initial brick purchase for PYS brick fundraiser. Sunshine Pools has donated labor.

Lisa Stoyle presented and reviewed a handout with income/expenses for 7/1/07-5/14/08. Approximately $32,000 cash is available in bank. Field maintenance not paid yet. What we took in for income this year is less than what we will pay out, but we have extra money in the bank to cover any deficiency. REPORT ACCEPTED.

Andy Goodman reported registration for next season will be 5/18 and 5/20 from 7-9pm at the Town Hall. Late registration will be in July. Family max will be $340.00.

Ralph Perrotto reported the PTUSA clinics are going well.

Fran Squatrito reported. Rescheduled games should only be for weather cancellations. U10 Jamboree will be 6/7, schedule coming soon. On 6/1 Coastal needs MTOC rosters, jersey numbers must be typed on the form. Playoff rosters can still be over the player limit. Coastal is sponsoring a fall travel league for select and recreational divisions. Need to inform Coastal in June if PYS wants to participate. Decided U10s will continue to play in town in the fall. Discussed U12 and U14 participation, but no decision made.

Bill Tholen reported. There has been some trouble getting refs for older games and we have had to go out of town to get refs. Some out of town refs get paid at a higher rate.


Mike Tropeano presented recommendations from the Evaluation Committee. The Committee recommended changes to the U10 player grading and draft procedure to help address issue of teams being unbalanced. Motion made to accept recommendation and changes to PYS document "Coach and Player Selection Procedures" Section 4.2 and 4.4 which institutes these changes (see attached). MOTION ACCEPTED The Board discussed the recommendations of the Evaluation Committee regarding U12s and U14s, including having select team compete in fall Coastal league, which would necessitate picking select coach and having tryouts in August. Discussed the pros and cons of having travel teams in the fall. Board decided further discussion regarding U12 and U14 recommendations is needed at the next meeting.

New division coordinators will be chosen at the next meeting for the Fall 2008-Spring 2009 season.

9:44 PM
NEXT MEETING June 11, 2008




Replace current Sections 4.2 and 4.4 with the following: 4.2 Player Draft - U10 Fall Season The goal of the Fall Season is for players to continue to learn the game, to improve their skills and to have fun playing soccer. Small-sided games where competition is equitable and the scores of the games are very close is the goal of the U10 Fall in-town league. It is strongly suggested that teams be right sized to a minimum of 10 and maximum of 13 players. Each Division Coordinator will schedule a draft with their coaches to determine team assignment. To help keep teams balanced, only parental requests for siblings to play together or extenuating circumstances will be considered (i.e. no requests for friends, coaches).

At the end of the previous season, the coaches at the U8 & U10 level will evaluate their players based upon the following criteria:

Players will be given a score for each category of 4 (always), 3 (most of the time), 2 (sometimes) or 1 (rarely). These rankings will be collected electronically by the previous year's coordinator at the appropriate level (U10 boys, U10 girls, U8 coed) and passed on to the coordinator responsible for running the respective draft.

U9 (previous year U8) - Displays the necessary skills for this level - Has a positive impact on the game

U10 (previous year U9) - Displays the necessary skills for this level - Has a positive impact on the game - Player understands the principles of attacking and defending, and the rules of the game.

Players will be ranked according to these scores, divided by age, ordered by score and separated into equal groups based upon the number of teams at this level (i.e. 120 players, 10 teams -> 10 groups of 12 cards). Each coach will select one child from each group to determine their players for the upcoming season. The coach's child will represent their selection for that age group / skill level combination. Should a coach and their assistant (who is identified prior to the draft) have children within the same grouping, that team would not select a player from the next grouping.

Players who are new to the program will be automatically categorized as 'unknown'. An attempt to slot players who do not have a grade will be made by all of the coaches in attendance at the draft. If a consensus cannot be reached, the player will be categorized as 'unknown'. Players with a ranking of 'unknown' will be evenly distributed across all of the teams in the level.

4.4 Player Draft - U10 Spring Travel Season The registrar and division coordinator will determine the number of Spring teams according to the guidelines previously set forth in this document. Additionally, because the U10 division plays 7v7 in both the fall and spring, the following benefits of re-drafting should be considered:

Coaches will be better able to rate the players and ensure that level picked teams enter the spring CYSL season. This will ensure that players on weak fall teams are not discouraged and players on strong fall teams are appropriately challenged. It allows late registrants to enter the program which might otherwise be full. It allows PYS to "right size" our teams. In the fall there may have been an even number of teams created to facilitate scheduling of games. These teams may not have had the ideal roster size. There is no downside to having an odd number of teams in the spring CYSL season.

If it is determined that the same number of teams will be fielded in the spring, the coordinator will confidentially ask each coach if they want to re-draft or leave the teams as is. If any coach desires a re-draft, then all teams must be re-drafted.

If it is determined that a re-draft will take place, the spring U10 re-draft will be done face down according to the same protocol of the fall draft. The only exception will be all players will be evaluated by their coach from the fall season using the U10 guidelines state above.