March 14, 2007

ATTENDEES: Dave Carter, John Trudeau, Lisa Stoyle, Bill Tholen, Bill Keeler, Dan Sullivan, David Ng, Ralph Perrotto, Bill Mello, Fran Squatrito, Mike Tropeano, Mike Cavalear, Colleen Wainwright, John Graziano, Jim Campbell, Jennifer Hardy.

SECRETARY'S REPORT: Minutes from the January 2007 meeting were reviewed. Corrected Capital Improvement fund amount to reflect $25,000, not $60,000. Updated Captial Improvement subcommittee to add John Trudeau. Report ACCEPTED.


* CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS: Projects to be explored include paving the dirt access road, leveling the U6 field and tying it into sprinkler system, and building a new snackbar with restrooms. It was mentioned that the town has been paving other water tower access roads so this may already be on their agenda. The leveling of the U6 field would likely involve the sharing of that field with lacrosse.

* SPRING UNIFORMS: Bill Mello reported that we should have uniforms by 3/21/2007. Bsaed on discussions with GotShalks, we should be picking out our uniform many months in advance so they can make sure they get enough uniforms in

* PYS SCHOLARSHIPS: We will award 4 - $500 scholarships again this year. Need to get info to children who attend other schools. Mike Tropeano (public relations) will send out info to other schools.

* FIELD CLEANUP: Field cleanup is approaching and weather may not cooperate. Bill Tholen will send out email reminder with bad weather plan. Season scheduled to start on 3/31 for travel and 4/7 for U6, U7, and U8.

* TURF FIELD USAGE: The U14s will be using the turf field for their games with the exception of 3/31. There will be no charge and School Waiver forms are needed.

* SPRING PHOTOS: John Trudeau reported that Dad's Photo will be taking photos on the last two weekends in April.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Lisa Stoyle reported that we had $84,000 total of which $50,000 was in a CD. We had $28,000 to get us through to end of June. Report ACCEPTED.

REGISTRAR'S REPORT: There was an issue with the B2 and B3 girls rosters. Most players got reversed. Fran, Ann, and Bill will get it sorted out. The Coastal Registrar is raising concerns about a BU14 roster because of an 8/1 birth date. Coastal bylaws are incorrect which is leading to the confusion.

CED REPORT: Discussed U10 Weekly clinics. See notes under "NEW BUSINESS"

COASTAL REPORT: Fran updated every that this year, U10s scores must be reported so that Coastal can keep better track of who is getting blowouts. Playoffs will go to 2 x 5 minute OTs if tied and then to Penalty kicks if still tied. Playoffs will be held at Coppens field in Duxbury for U14s and Forges field in Plymouth for U12s. Also Coastal is updating their rules to reflect that refs do not decide forfeits - that is a CYSL decision. U7/U8 schedules are needed. Fran will be putting the CYSL Standings and other CYSL info on the PYS web page via the link

REFEREE REPORT: David Ng provided a written report. A service recognition program was discussed for refs who achieve certain years of service. The ref oncall program was discussed.

Provide $300 for the Ref Oncall Program. NOT PASSED.


* REVS NIGHT: Revs Night will be April 14th and August 12th (Beckham game). Revs are preselling blocks of tickets for August 12th game at discounted price. Discussed how many tickets to get, what category seating, and what price to sell them for.

MOTION: Buy 150, category 1 seats, and sell for the price PYS pays. PASSED.

* U10 WEEKLY CLINICS: Because of the February meeting being cancelled, there was an email vote on who would provide the U10 clinics. Vote was 13-4 in favor of PTUSA. Decided boys would go at 4:15 and girls at 5:45.

MOTION: Have PYS pay for 100% of the cost of the clinics. PASSED.

* SPRING FUNDRAISER: Secretary left (need notes).

* OTHER: Former PYS player going overseas to play as part of "People to People Sports Ambassador Program". Requests permission to do fund raising at the fields. PASSED.