October 11, 2006

ATTENDEES: Dave Carter, John Trudeau, Lisa Stoyle, Bill Tholen, Colleen Wainwright, Marty Ford, Paul Allen, Fran Squatrito, Cathy Quigg, Bill Keeler, Dan Sullivan.

SECRETARY'S REPORT: Minutes from the September 2006 meeting were reviewed. Report ACCEPTED.


CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS: Tabled until 2007. Still need to discuss some items with assistant superintendent of schools.

COW BINGO: Materials are being printed/copied. Need to get info to coaches. $300 left over from last year plus additional $500 from unclaimed scholarship.

FALL TRYOUTS: Big turnout in BU14 at tryouts (approx 40 players). BU12 had only 24 turnout. Good evaluator showing.

DAD'S PHOTO: Received check for $2,289.

GU12 SELECT COACH: No one had come forward at the September meeting but afterwards, six people came forward. After the process was explained, three candidates remain: Charles Cella, Matt O'Brien, and Bill Mello.  Bill Mello was voted as GU12 Select team coach.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Lisa Stoyle provided handouts showing a Balance Sheet as of 10/11/2006 and a Profit and Loss Comparison comparing 2005 and 2006 for the period 7/1 to 10/31. We discussed whether we needed different bank accounts for the different funds we have (operating, capital improvement, scholarship) or whether it was OK to co-mingle funds. The Porta Potties will be kept through November 11th. Report ACCEPTED.

REGISTRAR'S REPORT: Ann not present.

COACHING ED. REPORT: We are still on for the November 4th Skills Patch Level 1 evaluation.

COASTAL REPORT: Fran Squatrito reported that Coastal is still considering a change in format in U10s from 7v7 to 6v6. Fran needs PYS opinion on the change. Basically, we feel it makes sense because U12s play 8v8 and our U7s/U8s play 4v4. Two main concerns are 1) field size… if it's shorter we need more lines because we would not be able to use the big field sidelines and 2) redrafting is not popular and we may need a redraft if Coastal starts this in spring 2007. Can they start in 2008? We also discussed the need to verify which players are returning so we have accurate numbers to figure out spring teams.

REFEREE REPORT: David Ng not present.


2006-07 SPRING TEAMS: Determined number of teams for spring 2007. Called Ann to get numbers.

GU10 - 105 (plus 1 on waitlist) - TBD pending Coastal format decision BU10 - 120 - TBD pending Coastal format decision GU12 - 71 (factors in 1 fall only) - 5 teams / 15 max each team BU12 - 74 - 5 teams / 15 max each team GU14 - 51 - 3 teams / 18, 17, 16 / max 18 each team BU14 - 62 or 63 not sure - 4 teams / 17, 15, 15, 15 / max 18 each team

Lots of concern over BU14 and going with 4 teams. If we go with 3 teams we need to ask Coastal for waiver of 21 player roster limit as we will have 22 players per team. None of the # 2 teams will be weighted.

2006-07 BOARD: General discussion about who will be coming back to the board and who might be interested in joining the board.