August 9, 2006

ATTENDEES: Dave Carter, John Trudeau, Ann Shea, Bill Tholen, Dan Sullivan, Paul Allen, Jim Campbell, Cathy Quigg, Lisa Stoyle, Mike Cavalear, Ken Blasser.

SECRETARY'S REPORT: Notes from the June 2006 meeting were reviewed. Report ACCEPTED. (typo to be corrected).


CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS: Tabled until September.

[players name removed] RULING: Fran to follow-up with Coastal for definitive decision regarding spring.

2006-07 COORDINATORS: Colleen Wainwright will be the GU10 Coordinator. Kevin Winters will be Pembroke Girls PKH representative.

U8 PLATFORM: Details of U8 changes contained in e-mail (attachment).

TEAM SPONSORS: Our $500 U6 sponsor is not renewing this year. We've been having issues where sponsors are not getting the plaque/picture they are expecting because a certain player(s) is not on that team.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Lisa Stoyle reported that we have $115,628 in the bank of which about $23,000 is in the capital expense fund. CD for $70,000 matures on 9/23. Upcoming expenses include uniforms and $10,000+ to Mass Youth Soccer for registration. Lisa e-mailed Bill Keeler regarding bills from the lawn fertilizer company. The bill states they were there at 8:15am on a day World Cup Soccer Camp was in session. Report ACCEPTED.

REGISTRAR'S REPORT: Ann presented registrar report and provided a handout. 894 players registered so far. Decided on the following (age group-teams-max players per team-current open spots): U6-12-11-10, U7-14-14-19, U8-8-15-18, GU10-9-13-14, BU10-9-13-4, GU12-6-12-6, BU12-7-12-11, GU14-5-11-8, BU14-6-11-9.

COACHING ED. REPORT: Bill Tholen presented the CED report. We are still under the minimum of 10 for the 9/2 "G" course. Only 5 registered from Pembroke at this time.

COASTAL REPORT: No report. Coastal Rep not present.

REFEREE REPORT: No report. Referee Coordinator not present.


FALL FIELD DAYS: There will be a field day on 8/19 to paint two full size fields. On 8/26 we will have a full field day to do the remaining field painting and general cleanup. Bill T. to send out a group e-mail invitation.

SCORPIONS: The Scorpions will be using the 2 fields in the fall on Sundays for $1,500 / field.

CLIFF LECHTER - SCF: Cliff Lechter of Savings Car Fundraiser made a presentation. Concept is to sell plastic discount cards to families for $5 each. SCF solicits businesses to be on card and offer discount. SCF to print cards. We have kids/parents sell cards. SCF takes 35%. If 600 families sell 5 cards each, then $30,000 would be raised and we'd keep $20,000. SCF offers prizes as incentives. Prizes include very cheap "getaways" which include time-share presentations that the "winners" do not have to attend. Other prizes included earning points that could be cashed in online for merchandise. Board will discuss at a later date.

OTHER: Andy Goodman has volunteered to be our new Snack Bar Coordinator.