May 10, 2006

ATTENDEES: Dave Carter, Bill Tholen, John Trudeau, Paul Allen, Jim Campbell, Fran Squatrito, Bill Keeler, Mike Tropeano, Cathy Quigg, Karen Gray, Lisa Stoyle, Mike Cavalear, Deb Bostwick, Colleen Wainwright

SECRETARY'S REPORT: Notes from the April 2006 meeting were reviewed and accepted.


CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS: Tabled until June. PYS still needs to meet with Dick White, Assistant Superintendent of Schools.

SPRING FUNDRAISER: Decided to count up proceeds and hold drawing of winners on Monday, May 15th at Dave Carters house. If there is a rainout this coming Saturday, coaches must collect and turn in.

SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS: 3 winners from PHS, 1 from Sacred Heart, 1 from Notre Dame. Winners are Jen Carter, Bailey Andrews, Greg Cordeiro, Andrew Roy, Alexandra Blasser. Unclaimed winners from last year (Mike Reilly and Jennifer McGrath) will be sent a certified letter giving them until August 1st to provide proof of school attendance or money will be forfeited back to fund.

PYS SPORTS GRANTS: Judy Richards would like PYS to commit our interest in the program to help needy families in Pembroke get grants for town sports. Dick White (Asst Super. Of Schools) is behind the idea if the town sports show an interest. PYS doesn't want to commit to something without knowing the details.

{players name removed} RULING: Play down request for 5th grader with learning disability. Will run the idea by Coastal. Dave Carter to get back to mother regarding doctors note. Bill Tholen read minutes from Oct 2005 stating we wanted a doctors note.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Lisa Stoyle reports the snack bar is basically breaking even. Maybe need to raise prices. Ref fees for mid-way point was $3,598 and is only for refs who submitted payment cards. Also noted was that at the March meeting the PYS Board voted to defer the decision on the fertilizer contract to the Executive Board. The Executive Board voted to give the fertilizer contract to our existing contractor, Natural Lawn.

REGISTRAR'S REPORT: First day of registration for the Fall 2006/Spring 2007 season was very light.

COACHING ED. REPORT: Bill Tholen reported that Dave Carter and he are bringing Dean Schneider down on 5/20 for clinics with the U6s/U7s/U8s and also for a coaches clinic in the afternoon. Someone mentioned that some U6 games were being played with a size 5 ball. Joe DiPrizeo at Decathlon Sports can get balls.

COASTAL REPORT: Fran Squatrito reported that MTOC rosters needed to be down to 18 and 15 for 11v11 and 8v8 respectively by May 28th. Player cards need to have signatures and be laminated. Any Ref Reports completed should be sent to David Ng and then forwarded to the Coastal Standards Committee. Dave Carter mentioned offering Staples a sponsorship in turn for free lamination. Playoffs start June 10th.

REFEREE REPORT: Dave Carter provided the report for David Ng. Discussed inclement weather issues and communication. Bill Tholen will call Ann and ask about using the PYS phone for weather announcements. Discussed minimum notice required for cancellations and ref pay. Also discussed PYS ref fees for the fall.

MOTION: Refs shall receive at least 2 hours notice of game cancellations or they will be paid. Notice can be a phone call, posting on website, or message left on PYS outgoing message. PASSED.

MOTION: Keep fall ref fees the same: U7/U8 = $10, U10 = $14, U12 = $14, U14 = $16 . PASSED.

Rescheduling of games needs to be handled through Ref Coordinator. Some coaches have rescheduled games and refs were not informed.


DEAN SCHNEIDER/WCSC: Dean Schneider proposal to do the Shannon Smith Award will be put off until the 2007 season.

U6/U7/U8 JAMBOREE: MOTION: Have PYS buy medals for U6s and trophies for U7s/U8s. PASSED

PYS REFUND POLICY: Need to clarify PYS refund policy for spring only players (i.e. PKH). New policy: Full refund for requests received prior to Feb 1st. $15 withheld after Feb 1st and prior to 1st game. Withheld amount changed to $15 for other groups as well.

FIELD MAINTENANCE: Recommendation to aerate fields. Estimated cost is $1,000. It was noted that we already spent $750 during this soccer year (i.e. fall 2005) to aerate.

PICTURES: Issues of sponsors getting to sponsor specific teams with specific players. This issue gets sensitive when the plaques with pictures are handed out.

COMP. COMMITTEE: The competition committee gave their proposal of changes for the upcoming year. Details handed out separately.

MOTION: Accept Competition Committee proposal in its entirety. PASSED