MARCH 8, 2006

ATTENDEES: Dave Carter, Bill Tholen, John Trudeau, Lisa Stoyle, Bill Keeler, David Ng, Paul Allen, Mike Tropeano, Fran Squatrito, Bill Cullity, Deb Bostwick, Dan Sullivan, Ken Blasser, Jim Campbell

SECRETARY'S REPORT: Notes from the February 2006 meeting were reviewed and accepted.


NE REV TICKETS: At previous meeting, board voted to buy 4 season tickets for under $1,000. As these were endline tickets, the board considered upgrading to corner seats (20 yd line).

MOTION: Upgrade our 4 season tickets to corner seating for a total cost of about $1,500. PASSED.

CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS: Tabled until May. PYS will meet with Dick White, Assistant Superintendent of Schools.

FIELD TURF: School Committee rescinded the vote to charge fees to local youth sports organizations. There is still a custodian fee of about $30 / hour. School situation is that they are looking to raise money for the maintenance of fields. They will determine by next fall if they need to charge the town's youth sports organizations and how much. Considered 3 options: 1) Use turf field for 8 weeks, 2) Use turf field for 3 weeks, 3) do not use turf field at all.

VOTED: Use turf fields for 3 Saturdays for U14 games at a cost of about $450. PASSED.

SPRING FUNDRAISER: Will be doing spring calendar raffles again. Prizes will total $800 plus 4 sets of 4 Revs tickets with free parking. Player rewards will be gift certificates of $100 plus Revs tickets, $75, and $50.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Reviewed cost analysis. Cost is over in some age groups, under in others compared to the fees. Decided to keep fees the same for another year. Regarding CD we decided on previously, we got a single CD instead on advice of the bank rep - no risk if we needed money early as penalty only applies to money taken out early. Treasurer's report was accepted.

REGISTRAR'S REPORT: Bill Tholen reported that (Online Registration vendor) has slightly increased fees and their contract agreement term is now 3 years with a 6 month early termination notice required. We need to remember to give notice around October 1st if we want to switch vendors.

COACHING ED. REPORT: Bill Tholen reported that only two people have signed up for the "F" Course. Provided information on March coaches clinic in Kingston.

COASTAL REPORT: Fran Squatrito reported that Coastal is sorting out the playoff locations. Considering Pembroke for U12 8v8 playoffs. We only have 2 11v11 fields or 1 8v8 & 1 11v11 field available for playoffs. June 17th is our U8 Jambo. Coastal has adopted new sub rule which allows both teams to sub on a throw in provided the team in possession is subbing. Fran reported on the MTOC entries and wild cards which Coastal received for each age groups.

REFEREE REPORT: David Ng took the Referee Assignors course. There are still refs needing re-certification. Ref meeting is upcoming Wednesday.


FIELD MAINTENANCE: Field Cleanup scheduled for March 25th. Will paint big fields and assemble goals on March 18th. Bill Keeler provided proposal for mowing and striping at $450 per mowing and $375 per striping.

MOTION: Accept Bill Keelers mowing and striping proposal. PASSED.

Proposal from Natural Lawn and competitive bid from Hickory Turf Care not available at meeting time. MOTION: Allow Executive Board to decide on fertilizer contract. PASSED.

SPRING PHOTOS: Discussed spring photo options. Some concern that Dad's did not mail photos last year. John Turdeau will try to get Dad's Photo to work with our dates.

EVALUATION COMMITTEE: Bill Tholen stepping down as committee chairperson. John Trudeau new chairperson.

WISK FIELD MAKE OVER: Wisk sponsoring a contest to win a field makeover. Cathy Quigg and Karen Gray to drive this effort.

10:01 PM