February 8, 2006

ATTENDEES: Dave Carter, Ann Shea, Bill Tholen, John Trudeau, Lisa Stoyle, Bill Keeler, David Ng, Paul Allen, Mike Tropeano, Fran Squatrito, Mike Cavalear, Bill Cullity, Deb Bostwick, Mary Sullivan

SECRETARY'S REPORT: Notes from the January 2006 meeting were reviewed and accepted.


SPRING UNIFORMS: At previous meeting board deferred final decision on uniforms to Executive Board. Bill Cullity provided samples of the spring uniform. Two different prices depending on size but it will average around $35.60 for a total of $16482.25 (figures confirmed by Bill Cullity after the meeting).

TREASURER'S REPORT: We have a $60,000 3-month CD maturing on 2/23/06. We will rollover about $40,000 for another 3-months. We can "borrow" from registration funds collected in May if necessary so we don't. Treasurer's report was accepted.

REGISTRAR'S REPORT: Ann Shea reported we have a wait list for U10s, BU12 (1), GU12 (4), BU14, GU14. We will have 3 dates for registration in May. Late registration will be pushed to late July to minimize the number of "one off" registrations that need to be handled. Ann will not be at March meeting. Ref Coordinator needs list of U12/U14 team assignments for scheduling purposes.

We were approached by someone who is trying to standardize and formalize the financial assistance process across all sports in town. Concern is that people may be getting missed. Idea was to leverage the school lunch screening process. Our current policy is that people make these requests through the Registrar and that no formal forms are required. If requested it is a "pay whatever you can" policy with gentile reminders as a follow-up. The available of financial assistance is mentioned on our website in the Registration section. The board monitors the amount granted. The Board feels the current process is working and does not think it prudent to change it to something that shifts the control of financial assistance outside of PYS.

COACHING ED. REPORT: Bill Tholen reported that he didn't attend this years MYSA CED meeting because of the travel distance and bad weather that day. Tentatively setting up an "F" course for 3/18 or 3/25. Would be a full Saturday. Scituate is also having an "F" course on two Friday evenings from 6PM to 10PM on 3/10 & 3/17. Established committee to determine future direction of Coaching/Player development within PYS and the possible use of outside resources. Preliminary members are Bill Tholen, Dave Carter, John Trudeau, Bill Keeler, and Dan Sullivan. Need to confirm and possibly recruit others who were not in attendance.

COASTAL REPORT: Fran Squatrito reported the U12/U14 rosters are frozen as of 2/6 and subject to the official change policy. 3/23 is the final date rosters can be sent to the Coastal Registrar to obtain certification. MYSA meeting reported that new state fields are being worked on and may be available to play in the Summer of 2007. "G" Course to become an online course. MTOC to be start on June 23rd. Fran reminded us that Dual Rostering restrictions applied to teams with players over the age of 14 playing on teams under MYSA jurisdiction. This includes Super-Y teams competing for the State Cup. Message to be communicated to PYS community and referred to PYS Registrar. Coastal needs to know how many games they can schedule on our fields.

We received an update on the use of the P.H.S. turf field. Mike Tropeano reported that that School Committee is charging for the use of the field - $100 / hour for outside clubs, $50 / hour for Pembroke non-profits, plus minimum 4 hours for custodian. This is a disappointment to PYS as we had thought the use would be free based on meetings with the Athletic Director when PYS agreed to allow the high school teams to use the fields we lease.

REFEREE REPORT: David Ng signed up for the Referee Assignors course on the 25th.


U8 CHANGES: Due to concerns over roster sizes the U8 coordinator, Mike Tropeano, wants to eliminate two teams and move to playing 4 v 4 plus keepers using the dual field method. The difficulties arose from trying to keep players/coaches together while moving from a 4v4 with no keeper format to a single field with keeper format.

NE REV SEASON TICKETS: Revs representatives encouraging us to buy season tickets to use as rewards for our coaches, board members, other volunteers, fund raising prizes, etc. Cost is less than $1,000 for 4 tickets, which includes free parking.

MOTION: Buy 4 season tickets for < $1,000 to use per above. PASSED.

CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS: Dave Carter presented three separate proposals to consider for major capital improvements: 1) Lighting system, 2) Mite Field Leveling, 3) Permanent Snack Bar and Restroom Facility. This topic tabled to next meeting due to time contraints.