January 11, 2006

ATTENDEES: Dave Carter, Ann Shea, Bill Tholen, John Trudeau, Lisa Stoyle, Cathi Quigg, Dan Sullivan, Marty Ford, David Ng, Scott Tripp, Paul Allen, Colleen Wainwright, Karen Gray, Fran Squatrito, Bill Cullity, Deb Bostwick

SECRETARY'S REPORT: Notes from the November 2005 meeting were accepted and put on file with a clarification that the $3 fee increase in the Registrars section is from Mass Youth Soccer. OLD BUSINESS:

HS FIELD TURF UPDATE: We need to go to School Committee to get approval for field usage. It appears fees are likely to be accessed. This was not expected. Permission is not final. Adoption of 8v8 in U12s was based on assumption that turf field usage would address space issue. May have to have U7s and U8s use Snack Bar fields.

COW BINGO: Dave Carter reports that we netted about $2500 on Cow Bingo. Need to decide on the number of scholarships. School guidance department would like to know by 1/23/05. Everyone was reminded that the scholarships are not only for Pembroke kids but anyone who participated in PYS.

MOTION: Provide 5 $500 Scholarships. PASSED.

TREASURER'S REPORT: We have about $90,000 spread across 3 accounts. In January and February last year $59,000 was expensed. If possible we'd like to have the PYS Registrars phone charges and maybe electric bills drawn directly from our bank account. The Treasurer provided copies of the account statements from the bank, an Income/Expense Summary report, and a report of transactions since the last meeting. Treasurer's report was accepted.

REGISTRAR'S REPORT: Ann Shea reported that Coastal League rosters are due on 1/23 and the Mass Youth Soccer spring registration is due 3/3 but she is expecting to file it early.

COACHING ED. REPORT: Bill Tholen reported that he had sent out an e-mail to the coaches' e-mail list with information on an "E" course in Rochester, MA. Also, the Scorpions soccer club had e-mailed information regarding different ways they could help our program. We opened up the floor for a brief discussion on ideas. Ideas discussed included having Saturday clinics, coaches meetings (maybe by age groups) for the sharing of ideas, having a paid coach available to help coaches, and more. Dave Carter suggested we might need a sub-committee.

COASTAL REPORT: Fran Squatrito reported on some upcoming important dates. 1/23 U12/U14 rosters due along with coaches names and phone numbers. U10 rosters due on 2/6. Coastal Books will be available on 3/13. $2400 was paid to Coastal in fees for the upcoming season. Fran mentioned that the PYS Ref Coordinator should attend a Ref Assignor course on either the 25th or 26th. MTOC is scheduled for June 23rd, 24th, and 25th. We are expecting to have 10 weeks of games with playoffs for divisions (U12 and above). Season starts 4/1. Towns participating in the 8v8 format include Cohasset (except Div 1), Hull, Duxbury, Halifax, Kingston, Plymouth, Pembroke, Sacred Heart, and Middleboro. Coastal considering changing the sub-rule so opponent can sub on throw-in if team in possession is also subbing. Ref course beginning on 2/25. Matrix needs to go out to coordinators.

REFEREE REPORT: David Ng brought up an idea about having a paid referee on-call in case a referee doesn't show up or cancels late. Board had a brief discussion and decided to hold off and monitor the number of situations where refs don't make their assigned games.


SPRING UNIFORMS: Bill Cullity reported that last years spring travel uniform, which was $32.95, is no longer made. Comparable Adidas uniforms are now running $35.63 to $42. There is a Nike for $35.

MOTION: Because of time constraints, let PYS Executive Board decide on the uniform at a later date. PASSED.

Also, Coastal Book should be update to reflect Navy as part of our color scheme.

PA SYSTEM: Cathi Quigg got a quote on a PA system for the fields at $2,000. Bill Cullity said he would investigate further.

MISC: There are already three comedy nights scheduled in January so the idea of PYS doing a comedy night is shelved. Spring Calendar Raffle will move forward as planned.