November 9, 2005


ATTENDEES: Dave Carter, John Trudeau, Ann Shea, Bill Tholen, Lisa Stoyle, Cathi Quigg, Bill Keeler, Mary Sullivan, Marty Ford, Mike Cavalear, Jim Campbell, David Ng, Bill Keeler, Kevin Winters, Scott Tripp, Mike Tropeano.


FIELD MAINTENANCE: Mike Cavalear, Dave McQueeney, and Kevin Winters were recognized and thanked for the work they did to repair the bleachers on field # 3.

Reevaluating current fertilizer arrangements. Bill Keeler noted that he observed current contractor use 15 bags. Current contract includes 4 aaplications at $800 each ($3200) and a $1600 grub control application. Richard Tworig wrote up a proposal for organic which includes 6 applications including weed control and grub control.

Field close up will be held on Saturday, November 19th from 9AM to 1PM to take down nets, secure goals, and to store trash barrels.

COW BINGO: John Trudeau will be handling the money during Cow Bingo. Question of insurance came up regarding the cow and the moonwalk. Generator may be needed for some of the equipment so we don't strain the snack bar. Bill Keeler said he can get one if needed. Discussed getting U14 aged volunteers to monitor moonwalk.

SECRETARY'S REPORT: Notes from the October 2005 meeting were accepted and put on file with a correction to the date of Cow Bingo (October 28th).

TREASURER'S REPORT: Lisa Stoyle provided a written Treasurer's report comparing current year to previous year. Plan is to rollover money that is in the CD. Should still have it in time for spring expenses. Lisa will arrange to remove porta johns after field day. Treasurer's report was accepted.

REGISTRAR'S REPORT: Ann Shea reported that the Mass Youth Soccer $3 increase for players has been put off until the 2006-2007 season. Ann has received team listings for the Boys U12 and Girls U14. We have 931 players registered. Mailing for PKH players going out this week. Ann has received some inquiries from people wanting to contact our players/parents and asking for e-mail addresses. Ann did not want to release e-mail addresses due to privacy concerns. The board supports a policy that keeps e-mail addresses and other information private.

COACHING ED. REPORT: It was mentioned that field cleanup would be over by 1PM and there was the potential to have a coaches clinic at that time. Discussed the potential for using high school on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday evenings - only potential conflict would be wrestling. Also ProShots may have some possibilities as well. Still several people interested in taking the "E" course in March.


REFEREE REPORT: Mary provided a survey from Russel Shirley (Coastal) of the 2005 pay scales of the towns in the Coastal League and we discussed our current pay rates. Part of the discussion also included the expenses that referees must pay to be certified and maintain certification, as well as the uniform costs. The general feeling was that it was easier to factor these expenses into the pay scale rather than administer reimbursements for these items separately. Recommendation is as follows:

U7/U8 games remain unchanged at $10 per game. U10 games increase from $15 to $16 per game. U12 games increase from $18 to $22 for Ref, $12 to $14 for ARs if used. U14 games increase from $22 to $27 for Ref, $12 to $16 for ARs. U16 games (Pembroke assigned) unchanged at $40 for Ref, $20 for AR. U18/U19 games (Pembroke assigned) unchanged at $45 for ref, but increase from $20 to $22 for AR.


ELECTIONS: Voted for PYS Board and committees. Details in separate attachment. Need to establish a Snack Bar Committee as the snack bar is in danger of shutting down. It was also noted that Noel Cross is stepping down as a PYS Board Member after many, many years of service.