MAY 15, 2005

ATTENDEES: Dave Carter, Lisa Stoyle, Ann Shea, Bill Tholen, Cathi Quigg, Paul Allen, Ken Blasser, Mike Cavalear

SECRETARY'S REPORT: Notes from April 2005 meeting were accepted and put on file.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Lisa Stoyle provided a written Treasurer's report showing a Balance Sheet as of 5/11/2005 and Income & Expenses Report from 7/1/2004 through 5/11/2005. We discussed possibly getting a bank CD. Treasurer's report was accepted.

REGISTRAR'S REPORT: Ann Shea reported that the new PYS phone number (781-293-5489) is working. Ann passed around a sheet looking for volunteers for the upcoming registrations.

COACHING ED. REPORT: Bill Tholen reported that Paul Turner of the Scorpions did a coach's clinic on Friday, April 22nd at 6PM. Only three coaches attended.

Dave mentioned that our preliminary travel team results were not so good, especially in the U10 age group. Out of 94 games played our overall record is at 26-57-11. In U10s we are at 7-28-9. Dave wants us to work with Dean Schneider to set up a program that incorporates all players in an age level learning the same moves, skills, and concepts. Bill mentioned that the Mass Youth Soccer curriculum for U6 though U12s is available via Coaches Corner on our website and an e-mail went out to our coaches e-mail list.

We also discussed some issues we've seen at the younger age groups such as fields being too small at the U8 level, kids just kicking the ball off the kick off into the net, and goalies punting the ball back and forth over all the players.

COASTAL REPORT: Noel discussed the U10 Jamboree. We will request early games to give us time to get to PYS Night at the Revs. MTOC rosters need to be reduced to 18 by May 31st. Noel mentioned there have been some lop-sided games on both the win & loss side. It was mentioned that Hingham has only two travel teams in U10s with very good players because they also field intown only teams. Noel mentioned that, regarding rescheduling of games, follow the rules or you will have no recourse if protested.

Noel mentioned that the fall Cranberry League is going to give 8v8 at U12s a trial and, if successful, Coastal may adopt it in the spring. U12s at 8v8 is US Soccer and Mass Youth Soccer recommended.



World Cup Soccer Camp Dean Schneider attended the meeting with Luke Vercollone and Erin Murphy. He gave a background on the camp and emphasized the goal was to not only develop good players but also to develop the whole person. Erin and Luke shared their positive experiences from working with Dean. Dean provided handouts and camp materials. Dean mentioned that anyone with a real financial hardship should contact him directly or go through Dave Carter. The target for this years camp was 130 for each week. Luke mentioned he can get us shirts and other promotional memorabilia for give-aways.

Dean offered to help us with clinics to teach moves and said he would provide us with a curriculum of moves to be taught at each age level. Dean mentioned he might be available summer nights for coach training.

U7/U8 Jamboree The U7/U8 Pembroke Jamboree is slated for June 11th.

Calendar Raffle Dave suggested we get together on Friday, May 20th at 7:30PM at his house to sort out the raffle tickets and money.