APRIL 13, 2005

ATTENDEES: Dave Carter, John Trudeau, Lisa Stoyle, Ann Shea, Bill Tholen, Mary Sullivan, Fran Squatrito, Cathi Quigg, Dan Sullivan, Paul Allen, Ken Blasser, Marty Ford, Karen Gray, Bill Keeler, Walter Kuketz

SECRETARY'S REPORT: Cathi Quigg provided Minutes from February since Bill Tholen was not present at the February meeting.

OLD BUSINESS: By-Law Changes: The following by-law changes were voted on:

Article V Board of Directors

F. The PYS Executive Committee shall have the authority to suspend, discharge or otherwise discipline any PYS board member, coach, referee, or other person whose conduct is considered unbecoming or detrimental to the best interests of the program. Any actions of this nature require a simple majority vote. The individual(s) being reprimanded have the right to receive a written notice of the complaint prior to the meeting and has the right to address the Executive Board prior to any decision being rendered.

The individual(s) has the right to appeal any decision made by the Executive Committee to the General Board of Directors at the next regularly scheduled meeting. This appeal must be made in writing to the President of PYS at least 48 hours prior to the regularly scheduled board meeting.

Article VI General Meeting

A quorum for the general meeting shall consist of thirteen (13) general members as defined in Article IV.


PYS Scholarships: The committee reports that they haven't received any applications from the high school. Cathi Quigg will call high school and follow-up. Our deadline is the end of April. The website should be updated to clarify that seniors graduating in 2005 are eligible.

PYS Clothing: Clothing sales are doing well. More volunteers are needed so the current volunteers can see their kids games.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Lisa Stoyle provided a written Treasurer's report. She roughly estimates that we will have about $15,000 left over after the soccer year. Treasurer's report was accepted.

REGISTRAR'S REPORT: Discussed the need for the registrar having a separate phone for soccer calls. MOTION: Have registrar get 2nd phone line installed. PASSED. Registration fees were briefly discussed. MOTION: Keep registration fees level for 2005-2006 season. PASSED. It was mentioned that we should be clearer that the U7s and U8s are now separate divisions.

COACHING ED. REPORT: John Trudeau arranged for a coach's clinic on Friday, April 22nd at 6PM to be conducted by Paul Turner of the Scorpions.

COASTAL REPORT: Some questions were asked about the divisions that our travel teams have been placed in. Some Pembroke teams have lost some lopsided games (BU14-2: 12-0, GU14-2: 9-0). It was also asked why the Girls C2 team is in the same group as the Pembroke C3 team. It was recommended that in the future, coordinators should review all team placements.

Coordinators positions will be up for renewal in June. An e-mail should be sent to the coaches to remind them to call/e-mail their scores to the statistician.

REFEREE REPORT: Mary reminded everyone that the June 4th game does not need to be rescheduled. Mary spoke about giving the refs feedback on their performance and provided samples of the Referee Development and Guidance Form which can be used to give refs feedback.


Field Maintenance Bill Keeler brought up several areas where the fields and facility need improvements. The need to organize parking in the dirt lot was discussed as well as the possible use of telephone poles to help address the issue. The fields need aerating and the proposed cost is about $200/day in manpower and $100/day for equipment. The bleachers on field #3 are in bad shape and we discussed repairing them or possibly removing them. We also discussed adding some signs to identify the field numbers and having a "Field Closed" sign made. The drainage issues on field #3 were also discussed. Possible Snackbar improvements were also mentioned. MOTION: Release $2,000 for field improvements. PASSED.

Pembroke Appalachia Service Project
        St. Theclas wants to sell Mother's Day flowers at the fields on May 7th to raise money for the Appalachia Service Project.
        MOTION: Allow  St. Theclas to sell flowers at fields on May 7th. PASSED.

PYS Rev Night
         PYS Rev Night will be Saturday, June 4th, 7:30PM kick-off. Tickets will be $17 ($23 value).

Coach Issue
        A U7 coach was on the field during a game when a ref was present and had to be asked to return to the sideline.
        The coach later came back   on the field. All agreed that coaches need to stay on the sideline.
        We will keep an eye out for this behavior and try to correct it informally.