MARCH 9, 2005

ATTENDEES: Dave Carter, Lisa Stoyle, Ann Shea, Dan Sullivan, Jim Campbell, Paul Allen, Ken Blasser, Marty Ford, Kevin Winters, Karen Gray, Bill Keeler, Deb Bostwick

SECRETARY’S REPORT: Secretary’s report accepted and put on file.

OLD BUSINESS: Dave proposed by-law changes they need to be posted on the web site for thirty days before being voted on.

Article V Board of Directors

F. The PYS Executive Committee shall have the authority to suspend, discharge or otherwise discipline any PYS board member, coach, referee, or other person whose conduct is considered unbecoming or detrimental to the best interests of the program. Any actions of this nature require a simple majority vote. The individual(s) being reprimanded have the right to receive a written notice of the complaint prior to the meeting and has the right to address the Executive Board prior to any decision being rendered.

The individual(s) has the right to appeal any decision made by the Executive Committee to the General Board of Directors at the next regularly scheduled meeting. This appeal must be made in writing to the President of PYS at least 48 hours prior to the regularly scheduled board meeting.

Article VI General Meeting

    1. A quorum for the general meeting shall consist of thirteen (13) general members as defined in Article IV.

MPS SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE: Richard Sutherland from Mass Premier Soccer came and spoke to the general membership about their program. They are conducting try-outs at Abington High School on Monday, April 4th and Wednesday April 13th. They have two practices per week as well as one game.

SPRING FIELD USAGE: Snack bar would be open from 12-4 on Sundays. Pop Warner Football will be using the Mite field for cheer leading practices for the months of August and September.


TREASURER’S REPORT: Not much activity. Lisa Tworig went over books and came up with some recommendations. Large checks (over $2500) should require two signatures. Large ticket items should go out to bid. People working on the fields should have Certificates of Insurance. Accepted and put on file.

COACHING EDUCATION: F License Course canceled.


REFEREE REPORT: Plenty of refs.

PYS SCHOLARSHIPS: It was decided that we would award four (4) $500.00 Scholarships.


PYS CLOTHING: Tables will be set up at the field with samples of clothing people will have the opportunity of ordering. Cathi Quigg, Karen Gray and Deb Bostwick will man the tables.

FIELD CLEAN UP: March 26th has been scheduled for clean up.