FEBRUARY 9, 2005

ATTENDEES: Dave Carter, John Trudeau, Lisa Stoyle, Bill Tholen, Ann Shea, Paul Allen, Noel Cross, Bill Keeler, Jim Campbell, Kathy DeLong, Karen Gray, Joan Vasconcellos.

SECRETARY'S REPORT: Notes from January 2005 meeting were accepted and put on file.

OLD BUSINESS: Spring uniforms will be ordered from GotShalks at the same price as last year.

Bylaws changes are being considered and should be presented at the next meeting. Discussed revising Article V, item F which deals with disciplinary actions. Currently entire board is required to take action which would be difficult if something came up that needed immediate action. May want to give this authority to the Executive Board. There was a desire to keep appeals an issue for the entire board. Dave Carter will work on wording for next meeting.

Discussed spring field usage for Sundays. One Pembroke field committed to PKH as well as one in Halifax. Discussed possibility of continuing past practice of letting clubs use fields.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Lisa Stoyle provided a written Treasurer's report which indicated that we had $56,137.14 in all accounts. Two scholarships for June 2004 of $500 each have been paid to Tim Dee and Jason Cordeiro. Our financial books for 2004 are being reviewed by Lisa Tworig - CPA. 1099s for 2004 were mailed and filed with the IRS. Lisa will send friendly reminder letters to people with outstanding balances that have indicated they would pay. Lisa will order porta-potties for upcoming season. Treasurer's report was accepted.

REGISTRAR'S REPORT: Bill Tholen is still transitioning the position to the new registrar, Ann Shea. Deadline for rosters are due to Coastal and still need GU10 player/team assignments. Accepted and put on file.

COACHING ED. REPORT: Arranging an "F" course for March 12th. Bill Tholen contact Paul Turner of the Scorpions to possibly hold coaching/player clinic.

COASTAL REPORT: Noel Cross reminded us that the registration fee for all players will be increasing in the fall from $7.50 to $8.00. Adults may be increased more if they decide to implement a national background check policy. MTOC is moving from the weekend of June 24th to the weekend of June 17th. Coastal is considering changing their regular season and playoff structure so teams do not have to squeeze 10 games into 9 weeks. Noel says we have $70 in forfeit fees still due from 2004.



Pictures John Trudeau provided a comparison of three different photographer packages and pricing. They included Dad's of Pembroke, New England Sports Photo, and Colorgraphics. Prices were not that out of line and it is somewhat difficult to compare because picture packages vary from company to company.

MOTION: Accept photography proposal from Dad's Photo in Pembroke. PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.

Website Bill Tholen reported that someone reported some potentially inappropriate ads when visiting our website and further investigation revealed that our website was hacked. Our hosting service responded within 1 hour of our inquiry and stated they were working to resolve the specific vulnerability. We had to remove some undesirable code from each of our web pages and reload to correct the issue.

Tournament There was a discussion about possibly hosting a soccer tournament to raise money. The idea of having it during the fall season was discussed and questions were raised about how it would impact our already short fall season. The idea of having the tournament at the end of the summer, prior to the start of the season was also discussed.

Subcommittee formed to investigate and make recommendation. Bill Keeler, Mike Cavalear, John Trudeau, and Dave Carter.