JANUARY 12, 2005

ATTENDEES: Dave Carter, John Trudeau, Lisa Stoyle, Bill Tholen, Ann Shea, Paul Allen, Ken Blasser, Deb Bostwick, Mike Cavalear, Noel Cross, Marty Ford, Cathi Quigg, Dan Sullivan, Mary Sullivan

SECRETARY'S REPORT: Notes from November 2004 meeting were accepted and put on file.

OLD BUSINESS: Dave Carter pointed out that November PYS elections were in violation of bylaws because we did not have a quorum (17). There were no objections to the election results so they will stand.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Lisa Stoyle provided an Income/Expense Report for 7/1/04 - 1/11/05 along with a report comparing to the prior years period. A Balance Sheet was provided as of 1/11/05 as well as a listing of all deposits and checks since the last report on 11/10/04. In summary, we have $55,772.89 (Regular Checking: $47,421.19, Savings: $2,247.03, Spring Calendar Raffle: $6,104.67). Upcoming expenses include spring travel uniforms, Coastal League fees, and the payout of scholarships. Treasurer's report was accepted.

REGISTRAR'S REPORT: Bill Tholen is transitioning the position to the new registrar, Ann Shea. Initial team rosters are due to Coastal and all player/team assignments have not been received from coordinators. Accepted and put on file.

COACHING ED. REPORT: Bill Tholen announced that Mass Youth Soccer is reworking their courses. Only the "G" and "F" courses will be ready by spring so we are going to hold off on having the "E" course and have another "F" course instead. We will try and schedule something for the coaches of older teams, maybe Specialty Clinic. John Trudeau mentioned Paul Turner from the Scorpions is willing to do education for free. Bill will contact.Dan Sullivan mentioned the work he did with Scituate with the younger age groups which involved splitting up boys and girls. Subcommittee formed to investigate and make any recommendation on that topic.

COASTAL REPORT: Noel Cross announced that the season starts on April 2nd and will be 10 week season. Refs need to be recertified. Rosters due. Duxbury U10 Jamboree will be 10th week as usual which is June 4th. Game results need to be turned in to statistician (Fran Squatrito) or there will be fines. There was a discussion on mid-season roster changes and the feeling is that Coastal will be more strict than in the past. Recommendation to allow teams to sub on any throw-in if the team in possession subs first has been taken under advisement. Hull must play home games as away games and will pay the hosting towns referee fees. Reminder that our colors are red, white, and blue.

REFEREE REPORT: Mary Sullivan announced that the last nearby referee recertification is in Braintree on 1/29/2005. There are Grade 9 courses coming up Plymouth and Cohasset.

NEW BUSINESS: Uniforms Uniform coordinator, Bill Cullity has been working out of state so uniforms have been tabled to next meeting. Dave Carter will step in to help if Bill is not available.
Bylaw Changes Bylaw changes are on the agenda for next meeting. Current bylaws are available on website. Anyone wanting to revise/add/remove bylaws should bring the exact wording to the next meeting.
Spring Field Usage PYS has been approached by SS Select and South Coast Scorpions to lease our fields in the spring. PKH also needs fields and Pembroke has always been allowing the use of our fields. Discussion ensued. Can PKH play some games in other towns? Other towns fields are town controlled... also possible issues in scheduling refs. Should we charge back PKH for field use? We get $1,500 per field from clubs.
PYS will commit a single field to PKH at this time and Dave Carter will speak to Gary Phillips about using fields in other towns for PKH games.
Field Maintenance Bill Keeler has proposed a $25 increase to the PYS contract for the 2005 growing season ($450 per mowing and $350 per striping). Dave Carter noted that he has received interest from other contractors wanting to bid on the field mowing. Discussion ensued. Should we accepts bids from other contractors even though we are happy with current arrangement? Importance of having mowing and striping under one contractor. Don't want to put off decision so that we don't lose current arrangement. Bill Keeler also provides other services at greatly discounted rates - sod installation, aeration, garbage pickup.

MOTION: Accept Bill Keeler's rate increase of $25 for mowing & striping for 2005 season and future field maintenance proposals need to be in by January. PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.
On the topic of field maintenance, Paul Allen asked if we would be doing Calendar Raffle again. While we still have unspent funds, the feeling was that other capital improvements could be made, especially to the snack bar so we would go forward with Calendar Raffle.