NOVEMBER 10, 2004

ATTENDEES: Dave Carter, John Trudeau, Lisa Stoyle, Bill Tholen, Cathi Quigg, Ann Shea, Bill Keeler, Paul Allen, Joan Vasconcellos, Dan Sullivan, Jim Campbell, Ken Blasser

SECRETARYíS REPORT: Accepted and put on file.

OLD BUSINESS: Cow Bingo was a great success for its first year due to a large group of peopleís help. A special t hank you goes out to Dave Carter, Bill Keeler, Marty Ford, Mike Cavalear, Cathi Quigg and Sarah Cavalear for their help and everyone else who contributed to make this work

TREASURERíS REPORT: It has been quiet, but with registration money in the bank we have about $66,000 figuring high with our expenditures we should be fine.

REGISTRARíS REPORT: Also all has been quiet on this front. Will be mailing out U16, U-18 and U19 for the Spring. U-10 redraft, only exception if all coaches agree teams are even. Reducing teams from nine to eight teams.

COACHING EDUCATION REPORT: Next week 4th annual Director MYS 8:30-3:00

COASTAL REPORT: Noel Cross Treasurer for Coastal for one more year.

REFEREE REPORT: Mary Sullivan one more year.


Dave Carter President, John Trudeau Vice President, Lisa Stoyle Treasurer, Bill Tholen Secretary, Ann Shea Registrar,

Paul Allen,  Fran Squatrito, Ken Blasser,  Mary Sullivan, Deb Bostwick, Joan Vasconcellos, Mike Cavalear, Dan Sullivan, Noel Cross, Scott Tripp, Bill Cullity, Mark Gerhartd, Karen Gray, Cathi Quigg, Jim Campbell, Bill Keeler, Marty Ford, Dan Lindahl.

PRESIDENTíS REMARKS: Dave Carter would like to thank everyone who has helped this past year in making PYS what it is today and would especially like to thank the members who have chosen not to return for all their hard work in the past.