JUNE 9, 2004

  ATTENDEES:  Dave Carter, John Trudeau, Lisa Stoyle, Bill Tholen, Cathi Quigg, Noel Cross, Janet Nihill, Bill Cullity, Mike Cavalear, Bill Keeler, Jerry Labonte, Deb  Bostwick, Paul Allen, Marty Ford, Ken Blasser, Paula Vercollone, Kevin Winters, Joan Vasconcellos, Mary Sullivan, Doug Caruci

SECRETARYíS REPORT: Notes from previous meeting were accepted and put on file.

REGISTRARíS REPORT: We have 718 registered players, 75 from the Internet and will be expecting some more late registrations with a late fee after June 17th over Internet. Registrar filed for reimbursement in the amount of $259. There were a number of requests for players to play down. Players are not allowed to play up and only play down with special circumstances. U-12 Girl born on 3/25/94 with ADD and comprehension disability would like to play with U-10, no documentation and request turned down pending documentation. U-10 Boy going into 3rd grade with documented physical limitations, request accepted. U-10 Boy going into 3rd grade with a July 30, 1996 birthday is just two days short of August 1st cutoff date. This issue was tabled pending insurance issues. Mighty Mite Boy will be five in November who is capable, but boredom a problem. MYS was called and it is up to PYS. No exceptions allowing children to play up and this request was denied. Child is not a resident of Pembroke. Registrarís report accepted and put on file.

U-8 Coordinator:
U-8 Jamboree was a great success, unbelievably well organized, the kids and parents alike had a great time. Luke Vercollone being there signing pictures and the kidís soccer shirts was one of the highlights of the day, not to mention every child walking away with his/her own trophy. Mike Cavalear and all of your coaches you did a fantastic job making this a special day for the kids, we know theyíll be back for more. If that werenít enough, Mike would also like to make it a profitable day for PYS through some fundraising with a dunk tank, 50/50 raffle, etc. There are 232 registered U-8ís and to make it more manageable it would be good to try to find another coordinator and form a U-7 group. Also, consider PYS giving out trophies to U-8ís.

VOTED AND ACCEPTED: Separate U-7ís and U-8ís providing Mike is able to find help. Trophies for U-8ís.

Recommended change #1: Pre registration is required for all players who wish to be evaluated, however, no one will be turned away. Players will be asked if they are willing to play goal. This recommendation was accepted.

Recommended change #2: Pinnies will have numbers on both front and back. The committee recommends purchasing more pinnies, the numbers and costs to be determined. This recommendation was tabled until inventory was done and costs were determined.

Recommended change #3: Tryout dates will be moved to the last Saturday of September and the first Saturday of October. This will allow for more flexibility in the event of inclement weather and will allow the select coaches more time to evaluate players for discretionary picks. Where tryout dates will be moved up, selection of the select coaches should be moved to the September board meeting to allow the coaches to be in place prior to the evaluations. All players will be notified of their teams on the same night, which falls on the weekend of the last Friday in October. The drafts for the non-select teams will be held in the week preceding the announcement of the teams. This recommendation was accepted.

Recommended change #4: If two coaches request to coach the select team, the coach who is not selected to coach the select team will be offered the second team. If more than two coaches request to coach the select team and show interest in coaching the second team, the board will vote to determine the coach of the second team. This recommendation was sent back to the committee.

Recommended change #5: All players who wish to play goal must try out both as a keeper and a field player. The keeper must meet a minimum score as a keeper and finish in the top 50% of those who tried out as a field player in order to get an automatic selection to the team. Keepers are expected to plat at least 50% of the game in net. This recommendation was voted and accepted.

TREASURERíS REPORT: We have $10,000 in the bank. Calendar Raffle proceeds in separate account. We have paid out second half of the referee fees and field maintenance with fertilizing. The Snack Bar showed a profit of $2018.14. Great job Lisa for stepping up and helping Kenny out. Treasurerís report accepted and put on file.

COACHING EDUCATION REPORT: PYS will offer "G" Course the weekend of Labor Day if there is enough interest and an "E" Course in the Spring. Ray Cabrall is stepping down.

COASTAL REPORT: Pembroke sent two teams to the playoffs. Congratulations to Mr. Healeyís U-14 Boyís team and also to Joan Vasconcellosí U-12 Girlís team. CORI: all coaches every three years at a cost of $5. Citizenís Bank has giveaways of soccer balls etc.

REFEREE COORDINATOR: Season is over. There are still 22 payment cards out there. Ref course Grade 8 and Grade 9. Great Job Mary.

NEW BUSINESS: Bill Fallon the Athletic Director of Pembroke High School is very ambitious and shows all signs that he is willing to work with PYS regarding the use of the fields. In turn PYS will cooperate any way we can.

Division Coordinators:

Mike Tropeano U-6
Mike Cavalear U-8
Bill Cullity U-10 Girls
Deb Bostwick U-10 Boys
Bill Keeler U-12 Girls
OPEN U-12 Boys
John Trudeau U-14 Girls
Paul Allen U-14 Boys

Field Maintenance: Motion-- Field Maintenance Committee spend up to $4000 on sod, slicing in seed with understanding that Field One will be shut down also repair one bleacher. Calendar money to be used. The dates for work will be June 19th and the 20th.

VOTED AND ACCEPTED: Spend up to $4000 on field maintenance with the Calendar money being used.

PYS REVOLUTION NIGHT: There were 138 tickets sold. John Trudeau thanks for making this happen.


AUGUST 11, 2004