MARCH 10, 2004


ATTENDEES: Dave Carter, John Trudeau, Lisa Stoyle, Bill Tholen, Cathi Quigg, Noel Cross, Mary Sullivan, Marty Ford, Paul Allen, Bill Cullity, Dan Lindhall, Bill Keeler, Deb Bostwich, Joe Cordeiro, Mike Tropeano, Joan Vasconcellos, Kevin Winters, Ken Blassner, Fran Squartrito, Mike Cavalear, Robert Colangali

SECRETARY’S REPORT: Notes from previous meeting were accepted and put on file.

NATURAL LAWN:Tom Bates of Natural Lawn of America was a guest speaker. He spoke of the condition of the fields, he noted that our fields were healthy as this was our third season. With the fourth season we should see even more improvements as the organic matter builds up in the soil it will become even healthier. When we use our grub control in June-July we only need the children to be off the fields for one day for the grub control to water in. We are 85% pesticide-free.

SNACK BAR: Ken Blasser has access to free catering equipment. He will try to utilize a volunteer workforce through our Volunteer Coordinator, Joan Vasconcellos.

NE REVOLUTION: Mike Dressler of the New England Revolution came and spoke about Flex tickets, Revolution Academy, fundraising and any other promotional tools the Revolution can provide.

FUNDRAISING:Paul Allen has put the calendars in the soccer bags. Money should all be collected by April 24th.

TREASURER’S REPORT: We have $27,000 on hand. We were going to try to see if an announcement for four $500 scholarship had been posted at the high schools. New rates increases were discussed. They are as follows:

U6 increase fee to $ 55.00

U8 increase fee to $ 75.00

U 10, U12 and U14 increase fee to $100.00

PKH increase fee to $75.00

Increase family max. to $275.00

Increase Uniform Refund to $30.00

VOTED AND ACCEPTED: New rates for Soccer Season 2004-2005. Treasurer’s notes were accepted and put on file.


REGISTRAR’S REPORT:Full Age Groups—U8 first graders, GU12, GU14, GU16, GU 18/19. Players on waiting list in U8 first graders, GU12, GU14. U6’s tight but Mike Trepan said he would add a team.

Registration dates announced. All will be 7pm-9pm at Pembroke Town Hall. May 14th, Friday. May 19th, Wednesday. May 23rd, Sunday

Late Registration will by June 17th, Thursday. Online Registration is being investigated. Investigating another firm called Pre Enroll. Fees at will be higher because of our higher prices. Would like to repeat last years practice of waiving late fee for Internet registrations between May 23rd and June 17th and reducing it to $5 after June 17th. Official Rosters and Player/Coaches Cards will be printed soon.


DIRECTOR’S REPORT:"F" Course for Saturday, March 13th is full. We have 25 coaches attending. Rules Review for Coaches/Parents scheduled for Tuesday, March 30th at Pembroke Library, 7pm-9pm. Attitudes are Contagious video will air on Adelphia Channel 13 in Pembroke. Coaches Corner section of will be updated soon. E-mail List for coaches now has 63 people signed up. PYS Members list is at 88.

COASTAL REPORT: MTOC—Wild cards, Date, and Location. Fee increase 2003 USYSA 25 cents 2004 USYSA 25 cents. No fields in Hull. Proper notification for forfeits.

DAD’S PHOTO: Dates will be 4-10 and 4-17.

FIELD MAINTENANCE: Bill Keeler submitted a proposal for mowing and striping the fields for the 2004-growing season.

VOTED AND ACCEPTED: Proposal was accepted.