FEBRUARY 11, 2004


ATTENDEES: Dave Carter, John Trudeau, Lisa Stoyle, Bill Tholen, Cathi Quigg, Karen Doughty, Janet Nihill, Fran Squatrito, Bill Keeler, Mary Sullivan, Joan Vasconcellos, Deb Bostwich, Kevin Winters, Paul Allen, Joe Cordeiro, Mike Cavalear, Marty Ford

SECRETARY'S REPORT: Notes from previous meeting were reviewed, and we discussed changes in uniforms and the fact that we should have at least thirty of last years uniforms in inventory worth $870. We discussed the difference in price (new uniform costs $32.50 instead of $29 for old multiplied by about 440 players = $1540 + $870 = $2410 = $5.50 / player to change to new uniforms). We also spoke about the colors of the new uniforms. It was suggested that we get something in writing from Coastal about the color changes, and that we try to sell the surplus uniforms to an indoor team. Minutes were accepted with changes.

OLD BUSINESS: UNIFORMS: They should be ready by the week of February 23rd. The logo was discussed. Did we want a large logo across the chest or a small one over the heart?

VOTED AND ACCEPTED: Small logo over the heart.


Article V Board of Directors

B. The PYS Board of Directors (i.e. Executive Board Members and General Board Members) shall be elected for a one-year term of office by a simple majority vote cast by the PYS general membership at the November General Meeting.

F. The PYS Board of Directors shall have the authority to suspend, discharge or otherwise discipline any PYS board member, coach, player, referee, or other person whose conduct is considered unbecoming or detrimental to the best interests of the program. Any actions of this nature require a simple majority vote. The individual(s) has the right to receive a written notice of the complaint prior to the meeting and has the right to address the board prior to any decision being rendered.

Article VI General Meeting

A. A meeting of the general members of PYS shall be held on the second Wednesday of November and at other times as deemed necessary by the PYS Board of Directors.

Article X Audit Policy

A. A review of the finances of PYS shall be conducted annually after the fiscal year ends. The results of the review shall be conveyed to the PYS Board of Directors at the next meeting, following the completion of the review. B. The Review Committee shall consist of one or more people approved by the PYS Board of Directors.

SPRING FUNDRAISER: Our fund-raiser will be for Field and Equipment improvements. Paul Allen and Joe Cordeiro will be in charge of the Calendar Raffle. They hope to get the raffles to the coaches when teams receive their uniforms. We talked about the need for Team Parents, so the coaches do not have to solicit for money from their teams.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Treasurer went over the books from last year and it was determined that we are running at a loss per child. Treasurer is going to go over the numbers and make a recommendation for the Board. There are people who have earned over $600, and it was decided that 1099's need to go out. Treasurer's notes were accepted and put on file.

REGISTRAR'S REPORT: There has not been too much change. PKH girls are frozen, and we have 893 children in the program. The "F" Course is scheduled for March 13th hopefully at Hobomock. Kid Safe forms must be up to date. Bill will be listing the names of all volunteers who are KidSafed and registered on the website.

COASTAL REPORT: Again it was mentioned that we need our colors approved in writing from Coastal.

FIELD MAINTENANCE: We have received an invoice from Natural Lawns of America for $5850.

VOTED AND ACCEPTED: It was voted that we continue to use Natural Lawns of America.

SPONSORSHIP COMMITTEE: A new committee was formed for Sponsorships Dave Carter Janet Nihill Marty Ford John Trudeau Bill Keeler

WORLD CUP SOCCER: Dave Carter was going to get in touch with Dean Schneider about World Cup Soccer.

TABLED Snack Bar Report


VOTED AND ACCEPTED: We will not be using Eastern Exposures and are switching to Dad's.


NEXT MEETING March 11, 2004