JANUARY 14, 2004


ATTENDEES: Dave Carter, John Trudeau, Lisa Stoyle, Cathi Quigg, Mary Sullivan, Bill Cullity, Fran Squartrito, Bill Keeler, Dan Lindhall, Ken Blasser, Paul Allen, Joan Vasconcellos

PRESIDENTS REPORT: Dave thanked all past board members for their hard work, and then discussed what he would like to see happen for PYS while he is in office. He would like to see more people involved and to be working as a cohesive unit. He would like to see more sponsorship, e.g. anyone having a family member whom would like to sponsor a team, it is an untapped resource. He would like to see everyone involved having more fun, while making PYS a model organization for all Coastal teams. Last, he would like to continue with coaches' education.

SECRETARY'S REPORT: Notes from previous meeting were accepted and put on file.

TREASURER'S REPORT: New Treasurer was welcomed. It was decided that the Treasurer's report would wait.

VOTED AND ACCEPTED: President, Treasurer and one independent person would go over the books and report back to us.

REGISTRAR'S REPORT: Bill was not present at meeting but notes were sent in. Phone is starting to ring but not many people signing up. Had a few pre-K's wanting to play but they need to wait until next fall. Rosters need to be turned in. U14 Boys need a coach. I have a Mass Youth Soccer "F" License Course tentatively scheduled for Saturday March 13th in Pembroke from 7:45am - 5pm.

COASTAL REPORT: Ten-week season starting Saturday, April 3rd. Two week playoffs in Pembroke. U10 Jamboree in Duxbury on June 6th. PYS has $60 in forfeit fines, in lieu of payment PYS would like those fines waived because we hosted Championships. Kid Safe Reports need to be done. MTOC dates are June 25, 26 and the 27th.

UNIFORMS: New uniforms were discussed. The color would be the same as the new high school colors, red, white and blue.

VOTED AND ACCEPTED: New uniforms would be ordered from Gotshalks. There would be a 4-5 week turnaround time. The uniforms would be a red shirt, navy short, and navy socks.

EQUIPMENT: We discussed needing two full size goals, pug nets, game balls and also First Aid Kits.

TABLED: To change the board member elections to the November meeting.

By-laws were tabled till next month, as well as discussion of the snack bar.