AUGUST 13, 2003

  ATTENDEES: Robert Colangeli, Karen Doughty, Kevin Winters, Bill Tholen, Cathi Quigg, Marty Ford, Bill Keeler, Jack Hogan, Robin Tholen, Joan Vasconcellos, Lisa Stoyle, Eric Polleys, Paul Teeter, Paul Allen, Dave Carter, Janet Nihill, Mike Cavalear, Jerry Labonte

SECRETARY’S REPORT: There was no meeting in July

TREASURER’S REPORT: Kevin’s computer was having problems.

EVALUATION COMMITTEE: Evaluation Committee submitted proposed changes for the draft. The goal is for even teams. After all rounds of the draft are completed it is up to the coordinator to decide whether or not to accommodate a coach’s request for an assistant coach and their child. Children must be rated before the draft. Exceptions can only be made if a majority agree with exceptions. Any extenuating circumstances (medical, hardship etc.) must be approved by the coordinator. All changes after the draft must be in writing and then approved by the Executive Board.

VOTED AND ACCEPTED: Exceptions only made if by a majority vote everyone agrees with the exceptions done only at the draft. Coordinator votes only in the event of a tie. After draft the coordinator holds the player cards. Any changes made after the draft must be submitted in writing and approved by the Executive Board.

REGISTRAR’S REPORT: Discussed special considerations for players to play up or down in the spring. It is okay for the fall season where it only affects Pembroke players but Coastal could disqualify a team from MTOC of not being in compliance with the rules. Report accepted and put on file.

SPONSORS: We need to be more aggressive in this area. Possibly print something in the Newsletter, asking for sponsorship and attach an application form in the Newsletter.

U-12 COACHES: How is it decided who should coach when we have too many willing volunteers? Is it by qualifications, commitment level, coaching licenses?

VOTED AND ACCEPTED: Evaluation Committee would set up criteria in the event of an overabundance of coaches.


SEPTEMBER 10, 2003