MAY 14, 2003

ATTENDEES: Robert Colangeli, Karen Doughty, Kevin Winters, Bill Tholen, Cathi Quigg, Jack Hogan, Joe Cordeiro,Fran Squartrito, Janet Nihill, Joan Vasconcellos, Noel Cross, Eric Polleys, Paula Vercollone, Paul Allen, Marty Ford, John Trudeau

SECRETARY’S REPORT: Notes from previous meeting were reviewed and two corrections were made the date Pembroke Sports Boosters is having the fund-raiser was changed to June 22nd, and the fund-raiser for Pizzeria Uno is in Kingston not Hanover, minutes then accepted and put on file.

TREASURER’S REPORT: We have $22,000 on hand with about $2,500 in outstanding bills. The Snack Bar will generate about $2,000; the Calendar Raffle will generate some income. Flex Tickets are paid for with $1,500 still to come in. We need some new goal nets. Snack Bar sales are down because of the rain. Discussed the possibility of opening Snack Bar when a heavy amount of make up games are being played. Twelve Mighty Mite size 3 balls were to be ordered by Joe Cordeiro. Treasurer’s report accepted and put on file.

REGISTRAR’S REPORT: Bill will need volunteers for registration dates, May 16th, May 18th and May 21st at Town Hall. LATE REGISTRATION DATE is June 3rd. (Late Fee $10) On line registration is available till that June 3rd date with no late fee, but applicable fees apply.

COASTAL UPDATE: May 15th roster deadline. If U10 teams are unable to play on May 31st they need to tell Noel Cross ASAP by e-mail. Postponements need to be made up. Directors tell Noel when games are being made up. Player must have pass cards and they must be signed and laminated. U10 boys could field extra players if there were not enough.

GUEST SPEAKER: Ray Cabrall, Director of Player Development handed out information on the U6 and U8 Playing Rules. There would be small-sided games 3v3. He noted that there would be no goalkeepers, children would be given more of an opportunity to play, rather than only have one hour of Mighty Mite soccer, divide it up into two hours, with each team still playing one hour. Start this program with the U6’s and then have it phased up to other players. Ray Cabrall would come and help set up everything. We had discussions about how it would be implemented and since Mike Tropeano the U6 Coordinator was not present at meeting, it was noted that Joan Vasconcellos would form a committee to implement the program if Mike was not able to.

FUNDRAISING: All divisions have turned in raffles. We will be passing out Pizzeria Uno coupons at registration.

DISTRICT USE OF FIELDS: District would like to use our fields on Wednesday nights at 6:30 for the month of July. Discussions included the conditions of the fields, what fields could be used, if they were able to reimburse us for the use. It was noted that if noone allows District to use their fields it will negatively impact the kids.

VOTED AND ACCEPTED: District could use the fields for up to 11 games, they would not be allowed to use the fields for any practices. Bill Keeler would be the only one allowed to paint the lines.

PARENTAL COMPLAINTS: There is a U8 coach who only subs girls, coach has been approached by parents and other coaches, another U8 coach has played another team’s best player rather than use his own players. There have been U12 girls stuck in goal all the time. It was determined that we would look up past minutes to see if we have a policy in writing regarding playing time.

BFI will supply a dumpster.
Porta potty to be moved.
Sprinkler company will be called to activate sprinkler.
Mud wasps on fields.
Fertilizer is needed on fields, have not seen anyone since crabgrass application.
Pembroke Sports Boosters would like some volunteers from PYS to set up an area for the June 22nd Family Fun Day. Paula Vercollone will call professional soccer teams to see if they would also lend a hand.