APRIL 9, 2003

ATTENDEES: Robert Colangeli, Karen Doughty, Kevin Winters, Bill Tholen, Cathi Quigg, Noel Cross, Fran Squartrito, Ken Blasser, Lisa Stoyle, Dave Carter, Bill Keeler, John Trudeau, Paul Allen, Paula Vercollone

SECRETARY’S REPORT: Notes from the previous meeting were reviewed, accepted and put on file.

TREASURER’S REPORT: We have $30,000 cash on hand and we are awaiting final bill for uniforms. We have $20,000 in funds currently not dedicated to anything specific. We may need new nets. The First Aid Kits bills are in. We talked about some of Win Sargent’s suggestions and Kevin is going to see what is doable. We will no longer make any cash payments; we are going to try to keep funds separate. We will try at the end of the year to have somebody get a report of all cash that went in and out and any contracts that were signed. Treasurer’s report was accepted and put on file.

REGISTRAR’S REPORT: Bill Tholen is still looking into on-line registration. Coach’s day was a great success nothing but positive feedback from the 20 coaches that attended. One U-14 coach found it very helpful. The cost to PYS was $1140. At the May or June meeting Ray Cabrail would like to make a presentation. Flex Tickets are in; we received 100 this year at a cost o $1208. The seats are Category III seating and cost $12 they would normally be $16. Seats are behind goal and are open seating. U-10 boys need players. A video from MYS is now airing on Adelphia. Bill is printing a post card and sending it out to families.

VOTED AND ACCEPTED: Post cards would be sent out.

COASTAL REPORT: Noel was going to check if U-10 boys could play on multiple teams. And there was more talk of scheduling.

UNIFORM UPDATE: We need to check manufacturer sizes when we change uniforms. The extra uniforms are non-numbered. Could we change uniform colors, we need to check with Coastal to be sure no other team is using the colors we would like

PEMBROKE SPORTS BOOSTER: PSB is having a fund-raiser on the fields at Hobomock and wanted to know if we would let them use the snack bar or if we would man the snack bar and give them 10% of the profits.

VOTED AND ACCEPTED: PYS would man snack bar on June 21st with 10% of profits going to the Pembroke Sports Boosters.

STORAGE SHED: We would need a proposal to the School Committee.

FUNDRAISER: Joe Cordeiro contacted Pizzeria Uno in Hanover and they are willing to designate a PYS night with 20% of the profits to go back to PYS, tickets will be printed up and distributed at registration.

VOTED AND ACCEPTED: Sunday, June 1st will be Pembroke Youth Soccer night at Pizzeria Uno in Hanover and tickets will be printed up and distributed at registration.

RULE VIOLATION PROTESTS: The purpose is to get rid of frivolous protests, any protest for Coastal can be rejected or approved by the Executive Board within 24 hours of the coach notifying the Executive Board.

VOTED AND ACCEPTED: The Executive Board will vote on protests.