MARCH 12, 2003

ATTENDEES: Robert Colangeli, Karen Doughty, Kevin Winters, Bill Tholen, Cathi Quigg, Joan Vasconsellos, Janet Nihill, John Trudeau, Ken Blassner. Paul Allen, Bill Keeler, Mike Cavalear, Tom Finnegan, Joe Cordeiro

SECRETARY’S REPORT: Notes from the previous meeting were reviewed, accepted and put on file.

TREASURER’S REPORT: February is not a busy month. There is a $6,000 balance due on uniforms. We have $33,000 on hand. We have $20,000 cash with no liabilities. We have not had a fund-raiser. Treasurer’s report was accepted and put on file.

REGISTRAR’S REPORT: We have $500 dues to MYSA for U-16-U19. Registration dates are available, they are May 16th, May 18th, and May 21st all are from 7pm to 9pm at Pembroke Town Hall with a LATE REGISTRATION DATE of June 3rd. (Late Fee $10) Information given out about the possibility of on-line registration with the extra cost being passed on to person registering.

VOTED AND ACCEPTED: Contingent on Bill Tholen’s research into on-line registration it was accepted that on-line registration would be tried with the added cost being passed to person registering. Also a spot for on-line donations would be allowed and it would be earmarked for scholarship fund.

Registrar’s report was accepted and put on file.

PYS FINANCIAL REVIEW: Win Sargent CFO for multi-million dollar companies helped us review PYS books and had several suggestions.

    1. Correct Expense Postings
    2. Correct revenue Postings
    3. Correct Revenue and Expense Recognition
    4. Monthly bank reconciliation reports
    5. Use Quickbooks Pro Software 2003 version
    6. No cash payments with snack bar.
    7. Separation of duties. Different people handle cash, approve bills and write checks.
    8. Legal Entity considerations and D&O liability insurance.
    9. Watch payments to individuals exceeding $600. Paper documentation/ back up for all expenses unless approved by the board in writing.

COASTAL UPDATE: Coastal books should be out by Monday, March 17th. All games scheduled for June 7th must be rescheduled individually by coaches and made up by May 17th. MYSA owes $1.00 per player. E license course will be held March 16th and March 23rd.

REFEREE PAY INCREASE: Pembroke pays least in ref. fees would like to at least bring fees up to the average

VOTED AND ACCEPTED: Increase ref. fees:

1. U10’s $1 per game

2. U12’s $6 per game-$2 for ref. from $16 to $18 line from $10 to $12

3. U14’s $6 per game-$2 for ref. from $20 to $22 line from $10 to $12

UNIFORM UPDATE: Allan McClarey is now in charge of uniforms. March 19th we should have all uniforms.

FIELD MAINTENANCE: March 29th Clean-Up date, at 8:30 am. Proposal for mowing and painting of fields contract by Bill Keeler to be reviewed and voted on by Executive Board. Fertilizing and two applications of crabgrass preventative at no additional cost with no increase in cost.

VOTED AND ACCEPTED: Continue to use natural fertilizers. Review Bill Keeler’s proposal and Executive Board will vote on it.

STORAGE SHED: Prices were going to be checked out for a new shed. Not a good idea keeping everything in Snack Bar.

COACHES BAGS: Bags will be available at field clean up day with schedules, coaches books, balls, first aid kits, ice packs and calendar raffles. Uniforms should also be ready.

STATE TEAM YEARBOOK: In the past we have donated $100.


PICTURES: After researching picture companies, John Trudeau recommended switching over to Poet Seat.

VOTED AND ACCEPTED: Switch companies to Poet Seat if John feels they can handle it. Dates to be April 12th and April 19th.

U14 BOYS TEAM: JimmyO’Connel and Ken Blassner will co-coach.

COACHES’ REIMBURSEMENT: It has previously been a max. of $80 per class, change to $160 per year.

VOTED AND ACCEPTED: Reimbursement $160 per year.