FEBRUARY 12, 2003

Robert Colangeli, Karen Doughty, Kevin Winters, Bill Tholen, Cathi Quigg, Jack Hogan, Joan Vasconcellos, Lisa Stoyle, John Trudeau, Fran Squartrito, Mike Cavalear, Janet Nihill, Paul Allen, Bill Keeler

SECRETARY’S REPORT: Notes from the previous meeting were reviewed, accepted and put on file.

DISCUSSION ON FLOOR: Jack Hogan still needs a coach, letter going out to parents. Possibly trying a coach with a student helper. There are three teams with only two coaches.

TREASURER’S REPORT: January is typically a slow month, there are no bills coming in or going out. Twelve soccer bags were ordered and will be priced at $30.00. Discussion about soccer jackets and how sales would be handled. There is $38,000 on hand. Treasurer’s report was accepted and put on file.

TABLED: Karen will speak to Rockland Athletics about soccer jackets and we’ll move from there.

REGISTRAR’S REPORT: The March 15th Coaches Course will cost approximately $1,000 –1,500. It is going to be advertised in the local papers and school lunch menus. There were 13 people signed up. Bill Tholen had literature on Internet Registration and is currently investigating the pros and cons of implementing it.

COASTAL REPORT: Noel Cross was unable to attend but some information was provided. May 31st is the date of the U-10 Duxbury Jamboree. Trying to find out if the 9th game of the U-10’s can be scratched because of the Jamboree. Noel Cross was named the Coastal League Treasurer.

PKH DISCUSSION: PKH requested that all Sunday home games be held at Pembroke fields. It was noted that we would like to share the field usage with the other towns involved.

UNIFORM UPDATE: The same shorts and socks will be used but we will be buying new shirts. The new uniforms will cost $27.00 as opposed to $35.00 last year. This change has saved PYS $2,800, Karen negotiated these savings, and she is going to check out goalie shirts. The promised date for the uniforms is March 17th. Joe Cordeiro is ordering soccer balls. Fran Squartrito is checking out the prices of ice packs and first aid kits. We need a total of 54 first aid kits.

TABLED: Spring clean-up date.

PYS SCHOLARSHIPS: The applications and cover letters were printed and are going to be distributed to high schools.

VOTED AND ACCEPTED: Award four scholarships.

NEWSLETTER: Hoping to have published and mailed by March 10th so families would receive before the field clean up date.

CALENDARS: Paul Allen will check out the turn around time to have them printed and we are going to earmark the proceeds for Field and Snack Bar Improvements.