JANUARY 8, 2003


ATTENDEES: Robert Colangeli, Karen Doughty, Kevin Winters, Bill Tholen, Noel Cross, Joe Cordeiro, John Trudeau, Paula Vercollone, Eric Polleys, Gene Pourbaix, Dave Carter, Lisa Stoyle, Deb Bostwich, Mike Cavaliar, Joan Vasconcellos, Allen McClarey, Ken Blasser, Tom Harrington

SECRETARY’S REPORT: Notes from the previous meeting were reviewed, accepted and put on file.

FIELD CLEANUP: Field Three still has things that need to come down. Mite nets go into the shed. Robert had been up at the fields and noticed tire marks all over the mite fields, some suggestions were to place old telephone poles, boulders or post signs. Anything we do has to go through the School Committee. We need to nail down a date for spring clean up in March.

TREASURER’S REPORT: We have $48,000 on hand. Income is down because we are missing the $10,000 gift from last year, snack bar was rained out on a number of days and we never had a fund-raiser. East Bridgewater Savings Bank certificate needs to be renewed. Clothing sales income will be checked.

REGISTRAR’S REPORT: Rosters due to Coastal 1-31-03. Once handed in there is no moving around of players. Rosters will be sent to coaches next week. U6 – U-8 still has room for players. U10 girls have 12-14 per team so still a little room. U10 Boys has room. U12-U14 boys and girls teams have 18+ so we won't sign any more up. U16 Boys has room, U16 Girls has two teams with a wait list. U19 Boys wait list. U19 Girls not enough to field a team so still room. Refunds for fall only will be given back the cost of spring uniform ($25). G Course is being offered on March 15th, assistant coaches will also be reimbursed. All interested should email Bill Tholen.

COASTAL REPORT: Coaches handbooks and guidelines for new coaches. MTOC June 21st. Changes in bylaws. Memorial Day can be rescheduled if Division I teams have below seven players and Division II, if the entire team is going to tournament.

UNIFORMS: Is Bill Cullity still doing uniforms? Allen McCleary has volunteered to help.

VOTED AND ACCEPTED: Purchase the cheapest uniform with the total cost being $30.00 or under in order to make up the difference for ordering fall T-shirts.

AUDIT: A full audit would be cost prohibitive. It was suggested that Winn Seargant or Pat Barrett would sit with the Treasurer and look over books.

VOTED AND ACCEPTED: Winn Seargant or Pat Barrett would sit down with the Treasurer to check books.

LEAGUE STATISTICIAN: Fran Squartrito is the League Statistician.

U-10 SELECTION: Coastal bylaws mandate level-picked teams through a selection process. In the past requests have been accommodated. With the new draft procedure the coach and assistant coach will have their child on their team and only under special circumstances will a request be honored.

VOTED AND ACCEPTED: Decided to handle the U10 selection process in the same manner as U12 and U14 in order to level pick players to meet Coastal rules. The Evaluation (select/draft) Committee will document the new rules.